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Storage High Availability Solution

InfoCore Storage High Availability (namely StorageHA) adopts redundant architecture. There exists redundant storage devices and storage gateway, so any hardware failure won’t break down whole storage system, which assures business system continuous availability.

Eliminate single points of failure: Double disk arrays + double storage gateways + double network links = InfoCore redundant architecture, which eliminates the safety hazards of single points of failure.

Data integrity and robustness: Data going through InfoCore storage gateway will be simultaneously written into both disk arrays to keep data always consistent. Besides, gateway implements automatic and transparent failover to ensure application system always-on.

Heterogeneous storage HA: InfoCore StorageHA solution supports multi-vendor storage devices synchronization in real time, storage devices seamless failover when meeting single points of failure, and intelligent identification and recovery after fault fixed.

Data live migration: With the unique technology TPM, there is no need to suspend business system while realizing storage take-over and data migration.

Application smooth support

Smooth upgrade to DR

According to the demands of business, InfoCore StorageHA supports smooth upgrade to InfoCore MetroHA without considering the restriction of application hosts or disk arrays.

Five Guarantee Mechanisms for InfoCore StorageHA

Underlying Block Management

InfoCore StorageHA takes block-level data as operand. Therefore, it will not influence data synchronization and application system upgrade no matter what upper-level files format or attribute are. Besides, block-level operation ensures separation between data synchronization and application system which realizes complete independency between StorageHA and application system.

Exclusive Storage Network

InfoCore StorageHA is an industry-leading storage high availability solution based on network layer. In StorageHA solution, data flows through exclusive SAN network but not passes through front-end application network that may occupy some application hosts resources.

Redundant Storage System Architecture

Traditional HA Cluster only has one storage that may cause single point of failure. InfoCore StorageHA adopts redundant storage system architecture in which dual storage devices and storage gateways make redundant storage nodes, as well as storage gateways and switches make redundant links. That realizes true redundancy architecture and eliminates all hazards caused by single points of failure.

Data Synchronization Mechanism

InfoCore StorageHA applies exclusive dual heartbeat channels and anti-brain-split mechanism based on IPMI. That achieves data written into dual storage devices simultaneously and keeps data consistent in real time.

Automated Management

InfoCore storage gateway that applies StorageHA solution, takes over all storage management components in background, and therefore enables all storage devices to be federated for front-end applications’ use. When unexpected outage occurs, InfoCore storage gateway implements automatic failover to ensure application system running uninterruptedly. That simplifies management and maintenance of storage devices.

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